Thai, European Restaurant in Klong Son, Koh Chang

"Eat Here"

Restaurant Eat Here in Klong Son, Koh Chang

Restaurant "Eat Here" in Klong Son (Koh Chang) is a typical Thai restaurant with delicious fresh food. We serve also some foreigner meals, take a look in the menu. When you have a special wish, come and visit us. Thinking about BBQ or let we taken care the fresh fish from the market or when you being fishing.

Our restaurant is nearby; Siam Royal View Koh Chang, Aiyapura Koh Chang, Koh Chang Grand Orchid Resort & Spa and Hotel Klong Son. You can book your fishing and snorkeling trips in the restaurant.




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Fishing and snorkeling from the fisherman’s village in Klong Son on Koh Chang.



Daytrip fishing and snorkeling starts on 09:00 till 17:00 hr. The first view hours shall be spend on fishing so the captain and the boatman can prepare (BBQ) the fish for the lunch. Two meals are included in this trip also water and ice cubes are for free. After the luch is there time for swimming and snorkeling. Included also are the fish bites squid, shrimps, fishing gear and snorkeling equipment. Maximum +/- 20 people on board.


The fish what be catching you can bring home, or we can BBQ or steam the fish in our restaurant for a small amount of money. Drinks or other food are not included in the restaurant.

Night fishing in the waters from Kai Bae, Bang Bao and other places.
We start at 15:00 hr. from Klong Son till the next morning 06:00 hr. Starting with fishing for squid and after that the real work begins, “barracuda” or other big fish, a freshly prepared BBQ can be enjoyed on board and is included in the cost for the trip.
For the people who cannot, or are unwilling to come to Klong Son we have a pick-up place on Chai Chet. Chai Chet resort on the beach Chai Chet, pick-up time between 17:00 and 16:30 hr. Book and pay first. NOT more than 16 people on board.

You want to rent the boat for yourself
or and with your family, friends? You not want to share the boat? This is possible for the daytime or nighttime, you have the boat for yourself.

For more information contact us or visit our restaurant. All bookings must be paid up front and no refund possible. Only refund by heavy wind (storm) or technical problems with the boat.

Some pictures from the day trip.




And time for relaxen is there also.



Snorkeling and swimming.







Night fishing and BBQ on the boat.